Dog Bites

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Dog bites can happen either through accident or due to the negligence of the owner to attend his dog. When such circumstances happen to you, fight for your rights, and make sure to get what you deserve. With the help of Law Offices Of Gilbert A. Moret in Rosemead, you can surely get all your claims in just a short period of time only. We are a legal firm that has a reliable dog bite lawyer that also offers services for the people in the Rosemead CA area. We are knowledgeable about the law and we can surely walk you throughout the entire process. So, call us now!

Why Need the Service?

Dog bites can cause medical, legal, and financial consequences. It is critical for your health and it is important to press legal charges to the negligent owner. Although you may have insurance coverage, the insurance company will not subrogate unless paperwork is filed and processed. To speed up the entire process, why not hire a reliable dog bite lawyer now?

With the expert’s help, aside from speeding up the claims for insurance, their professional experience will surely bring you justice. You can file legal action to the owner of the dog that bit you and recover your claim for damages. They are skilled negotiators and they can come up with an amicable settlement in a short period only. Also, the experts are more knowledgeable in the law and can provide you with the right legal advice.

Why Choose Us?

Here in Law Offices Of Gilbert A. Moret in Rosemead, we make sure that we can help you the right way. We are a legal firm that has an expert dog bite lawyer and that offers services for the people in the Rosemead CA area.

To properly help you out, we make sure to make an evaluation on the degree of the wound first. We make sure to help you with the insurance claims by filing and processing those papers. We also make sure to negotiate with the other party as well to settle with a reasonable and just claims for damages. Also, we make sure that the case is settled in just a short amount of time.

So, don’t be afraid of pursuing your rights. Call us now at (626) 239-8560 and we will surely help you out!

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