Medical Malpractice

Not Just an Auto Injury Lawyer: We Also Work on Medical Malpractice Cases!

Law Offices Of Gilbert A. Moret in Montebello is known as a reliable and trustworthy auto injury lawyer in Montebello, CA. However, we don’t just work on motor vehicular injury cases — we also specialize in medical malpractice! Call us if you or your family member have experienced medical malpractice but don’t know what legal steps you can take.

The Elements of a Medical Malpractice Case

Different people have different ideas about what can be considered as medical malpractice. However, in the legal perspective, you can only file a medical malpractice claim if your case meets four important elements. These include 1) the duty of care that the healthcare professional owes to the patient, 2) the breach of this duty, 3) the injury caused by the breach, and 4) the damage caused by the injury.

The Importance of Hiring a Lawyer

It can be tricky to prove that your medical malpractice claim has all of the four elements above. So, instead of trying to go tackle the process on your own, it’s best to get the help of experienced lawyers.

These specialists will gather and present evidence — including copies of your medical records as well as medical journals and articles that are related to your case — to prove that the medical services you received didn’t meet the standard level of care. They will also liaise with the other party on your behalf and negotiate for the highest possible settlement. If your case doesn’t get resolved through settlement, your lawyer will represent you in court and help you navigate the processes that you need to go through. With the help of an attorney, you will have a higher chance of winning your case and getting the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

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