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Got Injured at Work? Here’s When to Get the Help of a Lawyer

When to Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer

In a perfect world, people would get all the assistance (financial and otherwise) that they need after getting injured at work. However, this doesn’t always happen in reality. Because of this, you’ll need to hire a workers compensation lawyer if you sustained injuries while doing your job. Getting the help of an attorney is particularly important if your injuries are compounded by the following factors.


You were fired right after the accident occurred

This is a tactic used by many employers who want to wash their hands of liability when a workplace accident occurs. If this happens to you, it’s best to consult a lawyer. With their help, you can contest the unfair termination and pursue the benefits that should have been awarded to you.


Your employer says your injury isn’t covered

Similar to unfair termination, it’s common for companies to insist that a certain injury isn’t covered by workers compensation. This might be true in some (very rare) cases so, instead of taking your employer at their word, you’ll want to get the help of an experienced attorney. They’ll check if your employer is telling the truth and, if they aren’t, they’ll take the right steps to ensure that you’ll be compensated for the injuries you’ve sustained.


Your claim is denied by the insurer

Even if your employer decides to support your workers compensation claim, it can still be denied by the insurance company. This isn’t really surprising since most insurers will fight tooth and nail to avoid paying out. In this scenario, you’ll need to find a lawyer who will liaise with the insurer on your behalf and negotiate for the best possible settlement for you.

If you find yourself in this situation, you need to contact a dependable workers compensation lawyer. Here in East Los Angeles, CA, one of the best attorneys that you can trust is Law Offices of Gilbert A. Moret. Dial (323) 723-2323 now to book an appointment with us and take advantage of our legal services!

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