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Do you have a family member who has  recently been a victim of a truck accident or collision? If you do, then don’t let them suffer due to the negligence of the driver. One of the best things that you can do is to go to a dependable automobile accident attorney who can assist you with the case. For one, Law Offices Of Gilbert A. Moret is the law firm that you can rely on. We offer our services to clients based in Los Angeles.


Truck accident cases should be handled by the pros

Whether the cause is due to a drunk, distracted, or drowsy driver, a truck accident concerning personal injury should be handled by a licensed attorney. This way, you won’t have to take care of the entire process all by yourself. These are complicated cases and if you can’t present proof that it was caused by a negligent driver, your insurance claim won’t get approved. A professional lawyer will know all the specifics and procedures in order to secure a claim. Aside from that, if you are looking to file a lawsuit, the chances of winning are higher.


We are the lawyers that you are looking for!

Law Offices Of Gilbert A. Moret is a reputable law firm that specializes in truck accidents. Our certified and licensed automobile accident attorney in will be able to guide you throughout the process. We will handle the legal documents which will work to secure your insurance claim. We will also be the one who settles with the insurance providers and the offender regarding the claims. We will strive to bring home a full compensation so you will get the justice that you deserve. Not only that, you won’t have to pay us anything until we win the case.

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