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How to Choose A Reputable Workers Compensation Lawyer

A workers compensation lawyer is someone that represents the likes of employees, employers, and even insurance companies for work-related injuries. Once a decision has been made to contact such an attorney, choosing the best ones for a specific case is important. There are quite a few factors you need to consider, ranging from whether the attorney represents the employee or the employer, and how they handle their fees. Other considerations can include how much experience they have, how they are regarded by other clients and co-workers, and how they relate to potential clients upon initial contact.

The first step when choosing the best attorney is to research whether each one represents the employee, employer, or insurance company. It is extremely rare and even unethical for an attorney to represent both in their legal practice. Most lawyers that represent employers, also represent employers’ insurance companies. There are more attorneys who represent employees than there are ones that represent employers and insurance companies.

Then, you need to ask each prospective lawyer for a copy of their retainer agreement. In many cases, a good workers’ compensation lawyer will sit down and review the agreement with each potential client. Overall, there are laws in place which set how much money an attorney will receive when they win a case. The attorney can often charge a fee for the work they have done without the case ever going to trial. Costs for the likes of legal research, court reporters, photocopies, medical records, and expert witnesses, could be also collected from their clients.

It is also important to choose an attorney that has plenty of experience in their chosen field. Word-of-mouth is an excellent way to learn more about an attorney. Potential clients should consider speaking to their family and friends, more so when they practice law, or if they know about a lawyer they have used before.

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